We have over thirty years of experience in the field of accounting. We work hard for our clients and strive to do things the right way. At David A. Bastian CPA taxes are more than just numbers. 

Located in the heart of New Tampa our firm stands out from the competition. Our goal is to provide accounting services that help businesses and individuals save their money. Tax laws are constantly changing and we want you to trust us for your tax preparation needs as we're always up to date with the current tax law. 


David Bastian

Founder & CEO

David Bastian founded the the firm over 20 years ago and is the CEO of the firm. 

Tel: 813-978-8804

Email: Dave@dbastiancpa.com

Adam Noble


Adam Noble has both worked and played basketball with David for over 15 years.

Tel: 813-978-8804

Email: Adam@dbastiancpa.com

Hannah Noble

Head of Accounting

Hannah Noble has worked with David for over 4 years & is the younger sister of the President Adam Noble

Tel: 813-978-8808

Email: Hannah@dbastiancpa.com


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